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Welcome to! Do you love Karaoke? Music and singing? Need help finding the best karaoke machine? Singing at home is more popular than ever and new technology has allowed for some great products.

The best karaoke machines can serve as the basis for some truly memorable parties, or just a romantic night with your sweetie singing duets. It can be a bit of a chore to sift through a bunch of reviews since there are so many models out there.

We’ve recently overhauled our front page to make it easier to buy the best product to fit your needs. It can be pretty frustrating to search for products only to come upon hundreds of the same listings with no insight into the actual quality of the systems.

So we’ve broken things down into price categories to make everything easier. We also give you our recommendation for the best model in each category. Obviously, these are only suggestions but we take a variety of factors into account including performance, ease of use, relevant functions, and overall quality compared to other machines in the same category.

We also take the fun factor into account since that’s what this hobby is all about. Better yet, each machine comes with its own review to help you make up your final decision, and an easy link that allows you to buy karaoke machines online at the best prices. You are certainly free to comparison shop as, but we like to think that we’ve done a lot of the work for you. So choose your price range click the link to go to the review.


Best 50 dollar option - Singing Machine SML 383 – a great beginner machine for kids and adults.

Best $50+Memorex MKS-SS1 – features iPod docking and microphone design.

Best $150Emerson GF829 – best all around box-style product.

Best $200The RSQ NEO22 – Recording and USB technology.

Best $200-300 - Singing Machine Pedestal – a super fun full standalone system.

Best $300-400 - Magic Sing ET-19K – best seller, comes with 2000 built in songs.

NEW $300-400MicroKY Duostar – awesome alternative to the ET19K (around the same price).


Best Extra Karaoke MicrophoneNADY SP-4C Dynamic Microphone – easy to setup and works well with many systems.

Best music and CDsbest Karaoke CDs suggestions – Music for all tastes.

Karaoke video games best Karaoke Video Games – Top picks for Wii, PS3, PS2, and Xbox 360.

These are our top pics for now, but we’ll keep looking for the best products around. If we find a new “Number One” in a category you can bet we’ll let you know. We’ve reviewed plenty of duds too, and they can be found in the Table of Contents if you’re curious.

Want to Appear on our Site?

It’s simple. If you’ve got a video of yourself singing karaoke, send an email to with your Youtube link. We’re starting up a section featuring everyday people where we can also do a brief write-up and introduce you to thousands of viewers!

This website will help you to recognize what to look for, and things to keep in mind when buying the perfect karaoke system. But we’ve got more than that! We’re dedicated to the music and singing lifestyle and want to share with other fans around the world, so there’s much more than just products here. We’ve got the tips, tricks, karaoke machine reviews and info you need to enjoy karaoke to the fullest…plus a little bit of entertainment news on the side.

Make sure to match your overall needs to the product you buy. An amateur or casual fan probably won’t need one of the high-end models and some of the features will go to waste is you never end up using them.

The advantage of a self-contained machine with its own display is that you can plug in and start playing right away. You’ll basically have everything you need right there, and you’ve got your own portable party maker. You can also choose to hook-up your machine to your television and this is great for getting a bigger display.

Sometimes it makes your party more enjoyable when everyone can see the lyrics too, especially when you have the system hooked up to your sound system. Remember that the most important feature is sound quality, and you can rest assured every product recommended above performs well in that department.

After you’ve made your final purchase please feel free to hang around and enjoy our site. We’ve got a lot of articles dedicated to enjoying singing to the fullest. We have information on throwing the best parties, great games, improving your performance, and navigating your way through the wonderful world of karaoke. We’re also huge music fans and love to keep up to date on new trends while remembering old classics. This site is for karaoke fans and people who are entirely new to the hobby so enjoy yourself and tell your friends about us.

Want to learn more about the history of the hobby? What better way than to visit Wikipedia.



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