3D TV Problems To Be Aware Of

In recent years 3-D technology has captivated North America and audiences worldwide. It seems to stem to one phenomenon which by now you have probably seen several times already. Avatar was a revolutionary film that change the movie industry and has extended its reach into home entertainment as well. If it wasn’t such a big hits it would be doubtful that people would be clamoring to bring 3-D technology into their home entertainment set up. But the fact is more people than ever are looking to re-create that exciting theater experience in their very own home. The real question is whether or not it works as well as going to an actual theater. It would be nice to be able to enjoy 3-D whenever you want without having to pay high ticket prices. But now people have to debate whether or not it’s worth it to buy expensive 3-D televisions, especially in light of complications related to the technology.

Ideally, you would have the ability to set up a full home theater with surround sound that would maximize visual and audio potential. Most people are looking to create comprehensive entertainment centers with DVD players, video game systems, and even karaoke machines. Buying all of this equipment is certainly costly and you have to wait whether or not a 3-D television would be worthwhile. It’s important to be realistic about expectations however because it might not be exactly how you imagine.

Buying a 3D TV introduces new technical considerations into the equation when compared to buying a standard 2D TV. As always, there are issues related to picture quality as well as additional factors about the 3D glasses that are required to be taken into consideration when deciding which 3D TV to buy.

The major gripes with 3D glasses are that they can be bulky and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. Also active shutter 3D glasses are expensive to purchase, this is particularly relevant if you have a potentially large audience who will each require a pair of 3D glasses, especially when most models of 3D TVs only include two pairs of glasses with the price of the TV (and some 3D TVs don’t include any!).

3D TV manufacturers are reacting to these issues by including more pairs of 3D glasses with their TVs and well as releasing a greater choice of 3D glasses with improved lightweight designs. The cost of 3D glasses are gradually coming down and frequently deals and promotions on additional pairs of glasses can be found.

When shopping for a 3D TV, you should also be aware of the possible 3D TV problems that relate to picture quality.

The most common issue is with 3D ghosting. This is where the images for the left and right eyes overlap and cause a double image effect. It happens because the TV display and glasses do not respond quickly enough. Another problem is dull 3D images, because 3D technology involves filtering or blocking part of the images displayed, the resulting 3D pictures can be noticeably dull especially in bright room conditions. Finally the angle at which a viewer watches a TV can reduced the 3D effects and also introduce unwanted 3D artefacts such as black horizontals lines across the display.

All of these problems can be identified by demonstrating different 3D TV models in a TV store. Before deciding what TV to buy ask for a demonstration of as many of particular models as possible. View the TV at different angles and distances, and try to identify if the above issues are a problem with specific models.

In the end, you shouldn’t jump headlong into a high purchase decision without thinking about the problem properly. Have to really assess how much you’re going to be using your 3-D television and the first place. Long-term use of these devices has not been studied because it hasn’t been until recently that people have been buying them in great numbers. There are also associated problems with headaches and vision troubles after watching 3-D for quite some time. You have to member that it’s actually rather unnatural to be watching something in 3-D while wearing classes for long periods of time. You might even reach the point where it creates more headaches then it’s actually worth, and it’s a shame if you find yourself not wanting to use the 3-D features at all. This is why you should do as much research as possible because this is the type of thing that can end up costing you a lot of money in the end, and you have to consider carefully whether or not it’s worth it if you only use it every once in a while.

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